"You said it yourself - we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy… Bitch!"

❝T in the Park… I’ve missed you.❞

MIDDLE-EARTH MEME: [1/3 races] Elves

"The Elves were the first of Eru’s children to awaken under a starlit sky and venture into Middle Earth. As tall as men and slender and gifted, they are described as the fairest and most skilled creatures in Arda. They were marked for an insatiable curiosity and a desire of learning and creating, and were lovers of nature, holding a great fondness for the sea and the stars, and especially the water. Elves are immortal and resistant to disease and are not subject to physical aging, although they may be killed in battle or by losing the will to live.”

Lana Del Rey for Madame Figaro
Photograph by James White

Title: Self Control

Artist: Laura Branigan

Album: Self Control
Played: 9,771times


Laura Branigan // Self Control.

I, I live among the Creatures of the Night
I haven’t got the will to try and Fight
Against a new Tomorrow, so I guess I’ll just Believe it
That tomorrow Never Comes…



What even is Achievement Hunter

everything good in this fucked up world


by Zachery Michael (X)


Moschino Spring 2013 MFW

She pictured the two of them sitting together in a garden with puppies in their laps, or listening to a singer strum upon a lute while they floated down the Mander on a pleasure barge. If I give him sons, he may come to love me. She would name them Eddard and Brandon and Rickon, and raise them all to be as valiant as Ser Loras. And to hate Lannisters, too. In Sansa’s dreams, her children looked just like the brothers she had lost. Sometimes there was even a girl who looked like Arya.

Jamie’s guitar stops working